Day 1: Arrivederci!

Day 1: Arrivederci!

I just realized today is the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord! Usually it’s 25 March (9 months before 25 December…), but when that date falls during Holy Week (and it did this year), it gets moved 2 weeks forward — outside of Holy Week and outside of the octave (first 8 days)of Easter. Because we are Catholic! And we don’t do double-celebrations or combine parties and gifts! We add them! We extend them! We PARTY ON!

The annunciation was the “yes,” the “fiat,” the humble affirmation and submission — of Mary, our Mother — who answered the call of God through the angel to be “under the mission of God.”

And the world changed forever.

Today is a special day for me and my mother as well — we are leaving today for Rome! I am going to see our new Holy Father Pope Francis! Today my world will also change forever — because of my mother.

I named the blog after the disciples’ experience because I want everyone’s hearts to burn within the presence of the Lord! The disciples didn’t recognize Jesus at first because they weren’t looking — I’m going to try to be looking as hard as I can for those encounters! I’m going on a pilgrimage — which is different than a tour or vacation. Our spiritual director, Fr. Stan Fortuna (look him up — and then wait to be “smothered in awesome sauce!” #thebestisyettocome)says that a pilgrimage “is a personal invitation from God, comprised of His offer and dependent upon the pilgrim’s acceptance. God’s call may vary but the purpose remains consistent — it is an individual summons to know God more fully. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to which the pilgrim joyfully responds “yes” to God’s invitation.

Sounds a little like what we’re called to do everyday. Feast of the Annunciation indeed! So, Mary, here we go!

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